The power of just ‘Reading’

[bctt tweet=”The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again.” –Steve Jobs”]

Reading what world has been upto helps a lot. I have noticed that when I slack into daily routine of work and reserve weekends to relax and recharge, I feel guilty of not getting anywhere in terms of growth. Of course I am getting to learn a lot while working in a cool company and helping people build products which millions love, but at the same time, it is an automated process – I will learn even if I don’t do anything after office hours. So, there’s this guilt sometimes, a guilt of not proactively doing things that makes me happy and for which I should feel productive.

When I read stuffs, be it over the internet or a book, I sense that I have started to focus my energy on creative things, things which I want to do, I drive lessons from those online articles or videos I watch and relate/apply to my process for the work to be done. Interestingly, I start feeling productive even without having start to work for that project. The process of engaging myself in planning of the project makes me feel productive and focused already.

I suddenly start feeling this sense of control that I don’t get while working on weekdays and not reading or doing anything productive. I feel that everything is in control. I need not to worry about where to start the project from, whom to approach for guidance, what materials to read in order to research, how to find time to do it, how to keep doing it while having a day job. Nothing seems impossible. I wonder if anyone has felt this way.

Let me know if you can relate to this. I can use some high-fives 🙂

By Sankalp Sinha

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Well Yes, I can totally relate to this and I too believe in the power of just “reading”. I can feel the long term effects of reading so much positive and self helps. 🙂 High Five !

Min Faster Nina somnade in idag för en vecka sedan. Efter en nio Ã¥r kamp dÃ¥ hon hunnit bli frisk frÃ¥n cancern tvÃ¥ gÃ¥nger. Hon har aldrig levt ett trÃ¥kigt liv. Men jag mÃ¥ste säga att det var efter diagnosen som hon verkligen började leva pÃ¥ riktigt. “Livet är inte lätt, bara fantastiskt”. Ja det är nÃ¥got jag tror Nina skulle ha sagt.Tack Ungcancer och alla andra cancer organisationer för vad ni gör <3 / En anhörig

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David, do you think it likely FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) will be legalized for Muslims as some sort of religious right? I've read some interesting attempts to justify it at some hospitals that ran along the lines of: "if we do it to baby boys, we'll do it to baby girls, or do it to neither."Personally, I'm pretty sure FGM is already going on in the US and Europe/Eurabia.

The entire show was great.If I had to pick one part, it would be the Bashir promo vid.It looks as though he will the same sort of heel that Hassan was in the WWE, the type that tells you the truth that you don’t want to hear. I’m loving his character so far and I think he’ll do well in the X-Division.And I must admit that he is WAY better on the mic than I could have ever anticipated. It’s things like that that make me wonder who else is always on the mic that the WWE doesn’t give mic time to.

Yeesh. When think of Scarlet, yeah, I think of her as beautiful, but aren’t most female actresses at least somewhat pretty? Where did all this “sex symbol” stuff come from? You can be sexy for things other than JUST beauty. I would consider her sexier than Megan Fox, not only because I think she’s better looking, but because she has a good head on her shoulders an acting talent to match her beauty.

يکی می‌گه:البته مردم مادر مرده فلسطين نه تنها حق دارند خمپاره داشته باشند حتی حق دارند دايم اين خمپاره ها را پرت کنند به اسراييل و خدای نکرده اسراييل هم بايد بشيند و اين راکت ها را تحمل کند. آيا ما هم نبايد حالمان به هم بخورد از آنهايی که مزخرفات يک مشت آدم کش تروريست اسلامی را تکرار ميکنند؟

I second the vote for "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Once you follow them all the way down the rabbit-hole, they are probably the most morally complex ch3l9ren&#id;s books I have ever read. They actually have dilemmas about who is a bad guy and what makes people turn to violence, etc, and how far you can go combating the bad guys without becoming one yourself. Also they are always surprising and teach good vocabulary.

malarosa dijo: “pero casualidadesde la vida yo me enteré del concurso por su página, porque alguien le habia apuntado a el y mira tu por dot;e.&#8221djusnamente lo apunte yo por eso ha sido sorpresa doble ver que os havian premiado

I have Bee Good To Your Baby Butter in my etsy store…flipflopmamma.etsy.comand it’s great for eczema! It’s also better for baby because Eucerin is full of petroleum and that’s not good. I use Dr. Bronner’s baby soap for my kids, it’s unscented. And I use the Lavender for myself…although I’m making my own soap now too, so I’ll be using that instead. It’s great that you guys are trying to be more green!flipflopmammas last blog post..

Ooh, congrats! I can't wait to see what you come up with, your New Orleans apartment is still a huge inspiration to me.If you feel so inclined, I'd love to know about the neighborhood you'll be living in, too! (Don't worry, I'm not going to stalk you). LA is so huge with so many REALLY different neighborhoods, I'm trying to get my head around it in case I ever decide to run away to the west coast 🙂

Recuerdo la película, además se constataba un hecho, la mayoría de “actores” que se encasillan en serie de televisión con mucha fama, luego no triunfan en el cine, hay honrosas excepciones como George Clooney y alguna actriz de Friends, pero desde luego no fue el caso de Luke Perry que ha seguido haciendo Telefilms. La película de Buffy como entretenimiento no estuvo mal y la serie no la he seguido, episodios esporádicos y no me acabó de enganchar, quizás me pillo muy mayor :). Un precedente a la serie podría ser “Noche d emiedo”, ¿no te parece?Tomeu 00

Anónimo: não generalizemos. Não me parece justo assentar esta discussão na ideia de que “os professores são uns malandros”. Também já se prenderam polícias por cometerem crimes graves e não dizemos, por isso, que os polícias são uns criminosos. Como encarregado de educação, permita-me que lhe faça uma pergunta: que avaliação dos professores serviria melhor os seus educandos?

Fruits et fromage… ça marche à tous les coups. Il n’y a donc pas de raison pour que ça ne fonctionne pas cette fois-ci.Ca m’a l’air parfait et tout est facile à trouver ici en ce moeBet.misns dominicales.

175Cuando fui a estudiar a Santiago de Compostela mi compañera de piso aparecía los domingos con una bica. Su madre la hacía en casa y la llevaba a hornear a la panadería del pueblo. Esta foto me la recordó, la devorábamos con Cola Cao, se deshacía una y otra vez en la leche. Gracias por traerme ese recuerdo!!

Les madeleines ne sont pas sans rappeler ce bon vieux Proust. Néanmoins, je doute qu'il pouvait à l'époque goûter les madeleines qui me régalent. Celles aromatisées à la fleur d'oranger, avec dans leur coeur une cuillère de Nutella encore fondant à la sortie du four et qui fond un peu plus trempé dans le thé. Un régal de qautre heures, au soleil comme au coin du feu.

ハイジさん、こんにちは。40歳、1歳の息子がいます。不妊治療は辛いですね;_;私の場合は、友人の配慮のない子供自慢が一番辛かったです。それと、主人がデリケートな人で、子供はほしいのに、治療にはあまり協力してくれず(できず?)、それも悩みでした。最初はタイミング療法だったのですが、次回あたりから人工授精へのステップアップになりそうという時期に、ある決断をしました。主人の性格を考えると、精子を病院に持参…は無理だなと思い、ステップアップを言われた段階で諦めようと思ったのです。その矢先に、先生の排卵予測ミスがあり、自分たちでタイミングを計ったところ、奇跡の妊娠。先生には「たいしたもんです」と言われました。今思うと、その時期の私は肩の力が抜けて、リラックスしていたんだと思います。先生にも、諦めた時とか、お休みすることを決めた時にふっと授かること、多いんですよね。おそらく主人もリラックスしていたんだと思います。予測ミスとわかった時には拍子抜けしました。先生がとても明るい方だったので、みんなで笑いました。私たち夫婦に子供が必要なら授かるし、授からなければ必要ないってことだろう、と不思議と、そんなç©chebag’s life and we are all too invested in his failure now to quit. We will keep coming here waiting for the moment when he finally breaks down and confesses he is a no talent asshat that treats women like trash because of his repressed homosexuality. That day will probably never come, so we we might as well make the best of it and have as many laughs as we can before this whole thing becomes too depressing.

“and a kick-ass heroin that makes me feel like a cute little baby bunny.” hahaaaa! love your review girly! Your thoughts had me cracking up. I have yet to meet Four but it’s good to see I’m not the only one falling for boys whom are made of ink and paper! *hopeless romantic, right here!* I’ve been hearing so much buzz and praise for Divergent, I was beginning to think it was perfect… thanks for sharing your HONEST thoughts. I think I will be picking it up after all

Hi JanetI’ve just finished “Earthgirl” which I’ve reviewed for the Amaxon Vine proramme. Congratulations – and excellent piece of work which I enjoyed a great deal. I was brought up on Asimov, Anderson, Heinlein and the like and as YA fiction Earthgirl is up there. I’m now handing it on to my grand-daughter. So very well done! Tim Walker, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

Gostaria que o Prof. Dr. Franco explicasse essa idéia de que Israel invadiu Gaza para aumentar o preço do petróleo. Israel não produz petróleo. A Rússia produz petróleo. O boicote de gás para Ucrânia é que está fazendo o preço do petróleo subir. A Rússia é o 2º maior produtor de petróleo do mundo. Suas receitas caíram vertiginosamente com a queda do petróleo. Israel não perde com a queda do petróleo, perde com a queda dos Kassam…[]

Když ODS vedl Klaus velmi autoritativním způsobem, tak to nikomu nevadilo. Příliš demokratický způsob vedení patrně politické straně neprospívá. Vděčným příkladem je právě ČSSD. Vzestup za Zemana a nyní za Paroubka. Vedoucí politik s autoritou může vyhlašovat i nepopulární stanoviska. Vadí spíše kuloární jednání, protože většina neví, na čem je.

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