Patrick Abbattista, co-founder of Design42day – On what success feels like, career suggestions, traveling while working and much more


Who are you and what you do? (where you come from, where you currently live, age, what is your current job….etc.)

My name is Patrick Abbattista, I am 30 years old and live in Milan, Italy, where I was born and grew up.  After several work experiences, I now run the Sales & Marketing office of Design42Day, a company that I co-founded in 2010.

How you reached here, to this point of success?

I don’t know. I just kept doing what I believed in. Success, whatever it is or you say about it, comes day after day, with hard working and the ability to never give up. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and realize that your dreams are taking a clearer and real shape.

Given a chance to change one thing in this world, you will change…..? And why?

I would change the way people perceive the differences. There are too many stereotypes and prejudices. I wish adults had the same enthusiastic curiosity that children have towards the new and the different. So doing, it would be easier for anyone participating to the innovation process, giving ideas, sharing knowledge and playing a part to make this world a better place. A pure and uncontaminated glance on reality allows you to see things for what they are, so to do the right thing.

The best thing you noticed about the design world? Any example(s)?

The best Designers are excellent problem solvers. There are many examples of good Design around, which is not always visible. I could say machinery for health more sophisticated and accurate, smart appliances that optimize the use of energy, etc..

The worst thing you noticed about the design world? Any example(s)?

Often the creative talent is not accompanied by the same ability to do business and impose a vision, which could change the world for better. It is difficult to make a specific example, but I have met many excellent designers who didn’t have the ability to promote themselves, gaining visibility, get a chance to demonstrate their qualities. Sometimes it is a problem of skills, but most of the times it deals with the mental attitude. Designers should learn how to develop their ideas not only in terms of design project, but also as a business.

What you do in your free time?

I meet friends, travel, read, reason about what I am doing to understand if I can do it better. Generally, I take advantage of any minute to learn something new.


What and how you are planning to do for the next 5 years?

I want to consolidate my company through new projects, partners, and a commercial expansion toward new markets. Also, I want to build a team of highly motivated people who really love Design and are willing to change this world. On a personal level, I wish to constantly improve my skills, knowledge and consciousness. I think that the best way to help others is to be at their service as better people. If we grow, they grow. If we lead by example, they will learn faster. Obviously, I have chosen my mentors, too.

Suggestions for young lads?

Learn to dispel the fog that limits your actions and start to pursuit your dreams, if you have not already done so. Step by step, you will realize that it was not that difficult if you do all that must be done. Often, the limits are only mental. With patience, curiosity and determination, you will find all the necessary resources.

By Sankalp Sinha

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