Experiment on limiting myself to computer/mobile screen exposure, Finding startups who will be willing to buy poster, Simplifying’s about section and much more… goals for March 2015

Well truth be told, I am pacing a bit on analyzing, planning, setting and achieving my goals. While looking back (since January 2015) I can clearly tell that I got better at visualizing my goals and steps needed to achieve them. But it’s not enough. I need to increase my pace more, bit by bit. To achieve that I need to focus less on distractions and focus more on tasks at hand, which seems obvious but I wonder how many us do it in a right way.

Anyway, let’s reflect on my goals and hope I will do better this month compared to the last two.

Goals for March 2015:

  • Finish book : THE LEAN STARTUP – Backlog goal from January. [Online purchase link] [Update : 100% done]
  • Write 1 blog post about exercises to be done – Experiment by setting a monthly target for 30 sets of few different exercises on a daily basis and note down the results. [Update : 30% done as have completed the first draft, need to edit  – Carried to to-do list of April 2015]
  • Publish blog post about goals for March 2015 [Update : 100% done]
  • Do 28 sketches – 10 for March, 10 for February and 8 from backlog goals from January. [Update : 0% done  – Carried to to-do list of April 2015]
  • Learn to play Ed-sheeran’s Don’t on guitar – Backlog goal from January. [Update : 0% done. Tried taking up the chords of the song but failed. I think I need to focus on the basics again – Carried to to-do list of April 2015]
  • Finalize the mobile layout of the blog – To maintain design harmony across different screen sizes [Update : 100% done. Check the blog @ ]
  • Simplify’s about section – Need to finalize the detailed intro. Short intro is done and is same as on the blog (Link) – [Backlog goal from January] [Update : 0% done  – Carried to to-do list of April 2015]
  • Write 1 blog post for March 2015 – Experimenting on limiting myself to computer/mobile screen exposure [Update : 0% done. Still considering whether or not to take up this experiment as most of my works are computer/internet related. May be that’s why I need to do this?  – Carried to to-do list of April 2015]
  • Start book : Getting things done [Online purchase link[Update : 2% done  – Carried to to-do list of April 2015]
  • Stop eating packed food – Try eating more of natural food [Update : 60% done  – Carried to to-do list of April 2015]
  • Find startups who are willing to buy poster – Apart from validating the poster business idea via an online website, validating it with real potential customers might be more valuable and easier. [Update : 0% done  – Carried to to-do list of April 2015]
  • Fix previous blog post’s images, links and spellchecks [Update : 0% done  – Carried to to-do list of April 2015]

By Sankalp Sinha

Leading design @ // ??‍♂️ Striving to be a better — Human Being, Remote Product Designer, Minimalist, Smartphone Photographer // Say hi ✌️

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This explains a lot — like why you’re so successful and the fact that you certainly have worked for and deserve it. (and I guess it really is true that if you want to have blogging for a job, you really have to make blogging a . . . job.)Love you how-to blogging posts.

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