About the Blog & Author

Why? Because I wanted to challenge myself to do better yearly, monthly, weekly (and if possible, daily)

Almost everyone (including me) wants to do great things, have a luxurious lifestyle, buy things they want/desire, travel wherever and whenever as much as they want…. But how many of them actually go on and do it? 1%-5%? Why? The reason being :

  1. Our life goals are not defined.
  2. When our goals aren’t defined, we don’t have a path to follow or a dream to chase.
  3. When we don’t have a path defined, we aren’t focused and accountable.
  4. When we aren’t focused and accountable, we lose sight of the things we need/desire and slack off to the boredom of life.

How? By visualizing goals, pointing the possible actionable steps and just doing it

Just to dig a bit deeper, here’s how I am planning to achieve what I need/desire :

  1. By documenting my goals/plans/needs/desires
  2. Breaking them in small actionable steps
  3. Attaching a timeline to each small/big step
  4. Figuring out possible ways to achieve them with minimum input while generating maximum output
  5. Doing it
  6. Finally documenting the whole process as I go so to have track record for future reference (for me and for the readers – if I manage to get any ^_^ )

What/Where? THE MAD SCIENTIST LAB – A blog to document everything from experiments to personal thoughts

After done reading the book The 4-Hour Work Week [Purchase Link] in mid 2013, I started documenting my plans and actions on paper and realized the power of writing – [Here’s why everyone should write : Link]. I still prefer doing it the old way i.e. writing/reflecting on paper, but it will be a smart choice to compile everything digitally for :

  1. Quick and easy accessibility
  2. Sharing purposes


Funny and strange as it may sound, the name “THE MAD SCIENTIST LAB” happened because of two reasons :

  1. I designed a concept alarm clock [Link] which attracted a lot of national/international media while I was still in university. This in-turn got me few nicknames like – the designer; the scientist; the mad scientist and so on.
  2. And while deciding to put this blog into a experimental framework where I wanted to document the results from the experiments done on several aspects of my life, I wondered about the name which must capture the essense of the blog. Also, since I wanted to run experiments similar to scientists who run tests irrespective of the outcomes as they are always willing to try new things and see if their assumptions on that particular subject was right or wrong and make changes accordingly. Therefore it was pretty obvious that the blog should have a name somewhat related to “scientists” or “experiments”

Who? Sankalp Sinha, 28


Talking points:

  1. Studied Automotive Engg. from Sharda University
  2. Self-taught multi-disciplinary designer
  3. Famous for a concept alarm clock – singNshock [Link]
  4. Currently remotely for SellerCrowd.com as Senior Product Designer
  5. I Play football [Picture link 1]
  6. Sketch often [Link]
  7. Love to ride my bicycle [Picture link 1]
  8. Read books – Here’s the list of books I read in 2015 [Link]
  9. Just to name a few, I follow [outdated list]:
  10. Can be contacted via : Website  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIn