Experiment on eating healthy, building a digital product publicly, re-designing my portfolio website and much more… goals for April 2015

16_April_2015_goals April

April’s here…phew! The only thing that I think of while writing my new set of goals every month is about how time flies. I remember how it was just the 1st of January and I was very excited for the new year and things I can accomplish. That thought still remains. I need to achieve all the goals, no matter what. But, the biggest challenge still remains – procrastination. Anyway back to business.

Goals for April 2015 : 

  • Keep exercising – Have been doing stretching, 30 pushups, 30 squats, running a bit and cycling with decent breakfast (500ml Milk + Egg sandwich/2 boiled egg + 2 Bananas + 1 Apple) on a daily basis. No wonder why I feel good everyday 🙂 But the challenge still remains – To make it a habit. I think I am pretty close to nail this one 😉 [Update : 100% done]
  • Keep eating healthy – See above! Have been eating a healthy breakfast (500ml Milk + Egg sandwich/2 boiled egg + 2 Bananas + 1 Apple) everyday for 20 days straight now. But eating at McD, KFC and other unhealthy outlets is still a challenge. Trying my best. Let’s see what I can do. [Update : 50% done – As have started eating fruits and more green veg. but eating at outlets is still on]
  •’s redesign + about section (detailed) – This one has been sitting on my list for quite a time now. Time to take action on this one. Why I need to redesign the website is because it’s not mobile friendly first, it doesn’t have filters based on type of works I have done and it doesn’t have a simple yet explained about section. [Update : 0% done]
  •’s redesign – We at Specta have been trying to design products which solves real life problems. One of our earlier products was MKA which aimed at reminding computer users to take break at regular intervals of time. Well, our 2nd product will be an expense management app which we are planning to build very openly. For that we need a blog and a more organized website, thus the redesign. [Update : 50% done – Designed the UI for the new website, coding remains]
  • MKA’s documentation – I am a big fan of open source projects. As I always want to know the why, how and what of things that interests me. But very few guidance one can find on the internet or elsewhere if he/she wants to build the same thing again. It is literally very relaxing and helpful when you find some documentation on some project to help you out. You know how to take care of things and move forward without worrying about the deja-vu errors and add few more innovative features into the product which wasn’t possible earlier. That’s why from now on we at Specta are going to do/create things in a much more open nature, which means we will be documenting everything from start to end in layman’s language to help/aid others to learn from the experience. [Update : 0% done – Sent to bucket list. Postponing this task for few important priorities]
  • Draft a “pitch e-mail” to sell poster and make the pitch – Apart from validating the poster business idea via an online website (which is almost ready with little tweaks left on the back-end), validating it with real potential customers by just pitching them via an e-mail might be way more easier and valuable too. [Update : 0% done – Procastinating on this one 🙁 ]
  • Finalize backend of LETWALLINSPIRE – The front-end of the website is finished. The back-end remains. [Update : 0% done – Need to sit with my friend who will code the backend and get it done]
  • Fix previous blog post’s images, links and spellchecks – To have originality and relativity in post images. [Update : 50% done – Rest carried to to-do list of May 2015]
  • Do 38 sketches – 10 for April, 10 for March, 10 for February and 8 from backlog goals from January. [Update : 0% done]
  • Practice guitar basics – Jumping right into playing songs on guitar seems like going the hard way. I have to focus and learn the basics again first. [Update : 50% done]
  • Read book : Getting things done [Online purchase link[Update : 10% done]
  • Save Rs.5000 – As I am practicing saving these days. 5k is just a target, nothing fancy about the figure. [Update : 100% done]
  • Write 1 blog post about exercises to be done – Experiment by setting a monthly target for 30 sets of few different exercises and note down the results. [Update : 10% done]
  • Audit belongings – Just a measure to ensure I have less belongings as I belive the less you have, the more carefree you will be. [Update : 100% done]