Validating my poster business idea for free, 30 day push-up challenge, consuming more natural nutrients and much more… goals for February 2015

Procrastination was a close friend of mine last month. I barely achieved 50% of my goals.

However I achieved important VS. average goals. That’s the advantage of writing – you practically write your own goals/thoughts on paper – making them more visual, concrete in your mind and thus better to conceptualize your steps accordingly.

Goals for February 2015 :

  1. Develop a test website for LETWALLINSPIRE – To test hypothesis that people want to buy posters [Update : 100% done]
  2. Finish book : THE LEAN STARTUP – Backlog goal from January [Online purchase link] [Update : 100% done]
  3. Start book : Getting things done [Online purchase link] [Update : 100% done]
  4. Learn to play Ed-Sheeran’s Don’t on guitar – Backlog goal from January [Update : 0% done]
  5. Start exercising seriously – Experiment by setting a monthly target for 30 sets of few workouts and note down results [Experiment details will be posted in a separate blog post] [Update : 100% done]
  6. Start eating fruits – Fruit juice kills many nutrients, so eat fruits and drink vegetable juice [Update : 100% done]
  7. Simplify’s about section – Because details when scattered add no value to the brand – [Backlog goal from January] [Update : 50% done – have written the intro section. Have to write the detailed version yet.]
  8. Finalize blog navigation and branding – So to have a theme and framework to write and focus on [Backlog from January] [Update : 100% done]
  9. Write 1 blog post other than goal-summary blog [Update : 100% done]
  10. Write 25 headlines for blog post – To test which headline/title performs better. Here’s few tips on why/how to test headlines [Upworthy article[Update : 100% done]
  11. Save 5000 Rs. – To practice saving [Update : 100% done]
  12. Do 18 sketches – 10 for February and 8 from backlog goals from January. [Update : 100% done]