Clearing debt, exercising every alternate day, re-designing portfolio website and much more… to-do list/challenges for September/October 2015

[From left to right: Shaleen – My twin brother and has passion in communication marketing – Website link | Roshan – Good friend and has passion in IOT/Computer tech. – LinkedIn profile | Swati – Good friend. Still figuring out her passion(s) 🙂 | Me – Best friend 😉 – Website link  | Rahul – Good friend and has passion in tech. R&D – Website link]
August was quite a month for me. I had good days and bad days.

  • Good days because I travelled to Pondicherry and Bengaluru with my close friends. This trip was one of those things which we have been discussing/day dreaming since our first college days. We got to realise this dream last month – Makes me happy 🙂
  • Bad days because I broke up with the girl I thought I would live my life with. I felt depressed for 2-3 days, but moved on pretty quickly. Thanks to few close friends, online articles, and a bit of self-motivation.

Quick tip on dealing with heartbreaks/failures is to have multiple happiness baskets in life as suggested by Tim Ferriss. The concept of having multiple happiness baskets is to have/do different things which makes you happy. For instance, I love playing football, cycling, designing, sketching…etc. The point of having/doing multiple things that makes you happy is to have backup when you fail at one of them. For example, if I lose my leg one day (which I don’t want) and I can’t play football or cycle anymore, there will still be designing and sketching that I can do which will keep me happy. So, my life won’t get blank and dark all of a sudden. So work on creating different happiness baskets….it works… me.

Moving on, there are things to achieve and things to enjoy in life 🙂

I have been missing out on goals in the past few months because I set a lot of them. So this time, I’ll be a bit realistic based on past records. Here are my goals for this month (September/October) posted below.

You can read about my to-do list of August here: [Link]

Goals for September/Octorber 2015:

  • Exercising every alternate day – I recently came across a youtube video [Link] of two guys who built pretty amazing stamina, fitness level, and body. They achieved all that without hitting the gym. The video explains the workout process they follow…which suggest to workout extensively a day and rest the next so on and so forth. So, I have started following the same routine of exercising alternate days and leaving weekends to take breaks and rest [Update: 3 weeks done]
    Here’s what my activity log looks like :

    Fitbit data
    Week’s activity – Data by Fitbit Flex

    Fitbit data
    A healthy day 🙂 – Data by Fitbit Flex
  • Buy and eat dry fruits, 2 bananas and 2 eggs daily – Exercising, building stamina and building muscle needs nutrients. So forming a habit to get those nutrients on a daily basis. By the way, dry fruits have some amazing health benefits.
    Here are few: [Link]

    Egg and milk
    Egg and milk

    Dry fruits
    Dry fruits
  • Read book: The 7 habits of highly effective people – [Online purchase link] [Update: Read 80/400 pages]
  • Clear 20k/70k of debt – Have around 70k debt as I switched to a different location and bought things along the way. But, I have stopped using my credit card and resolved to not using it again. Debt is bad. [Update: 50k left 🙂 ]
  •’s landing page re-design – And also start developing if get time. [Update: Development started]
  • One blog post other than this – Framed it roughly – Writing on forming habits.
  • Create contact backup in an Excel sheet – I recommend everyone to have a contact backup somewhere in your email or saved in hard-drive for emergencies – Best is to have it online for easy accessibility. Also, send one of the copies to your relatives and friends. More on this in different blog post. [Update: 0% done]

By Sankalp Sinha

Leading design @ // ??‍♂️ Striving to be a better — Human Being, Remote Product Designer, Minimalist, Smartphone Photographer // Say hi ✌️

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